Undercut Retardant Cores

Western Saw Inc. has designed and manufactured undercut retardant cores since 1984. Along the way, we've been awarded three patents for diamond core technology and design. Western Saw offers a complete line of undercut retardant cores from 2" to 84" in diameter and from .025" to 1.000" thick. For severe undercutting applications, such as green concrete or asphalt, Western Saw has developed three types of undercut retardant cores.

The Slant Undercut Retardant Core (S.L.U.R.C.), also known as a drop segment core, is another popular design for undercut protection. Western Saw offers S.L.U.R.C. designs that are straight drops, radius drops, or any combination. Western Saw S.L.U.R.C. designs are precision laser cut and cleaned, ready for laser welding or brazing.

Notched cores are designed to hold vertical inserts that protect the core from wear patterns caused by green concrete and asphalt slurry. The number and dimensions of the notches are determined by the cutting application. To reduce assembly time and labor costs, Western Saw notched cores are precision laser cut and cleaned, ready for laser welding or brazing.

The patented hard core combines 86SS steel, optimum Rockwell hardness and undercut design in a core that stays flat, cuts true and lasts longer in the most demanding undercutting applications. Western Saw has designed and manufactured the patented hard core with undercut retardant technology since 1984.

Reverse engineering services are available. Small or long production runs are accepted with short lead times and on-time delivery.

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Undercut Retardant Cores
Undercut Retardant Cores

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